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Volunteers of America, Volunteers of America!

No, I’m not talking about the organization of the same name. I’m thinking of the Jefferson Airplane (yes, I’m THAT old) song of the same name. Now, because of various activities I participated in back in the ’60s, I’m not certain of the date, but that was the song they opened with at their concert in Municipal Auditorium, San Antonio,TX. Yeah, yeah yeah… As Mitch Hedberg famously said, “I used to do drugs. I still do, but I used to, too.”

Except I don’t anymore. In fact, I haven’t smoked since the year Gerry Garcia died. Too many anxiety attacks, plus my entire recreation budget goes to my phone, Internet, and Netflix. What drugs I DO take are, sadly, no fun. Blood pressure, diabetes, depression…the whole gamut of crap that comes from age and not taking care of myself.

Anyway, to quote Arlo Guthrie, that’s not what I come to talk about.

I came to talk about volunteering. It’s a natural post for today, because Tuesday I started my volunteer service at GAGV, the Gay and Lesbian Alliance of the Genesee Valley here in Rochester. Since I’m retired and have a lot of time on my hands, I decided I wanted to get involved with the community. I’ve got office skills, and they were looking for office volunteers. A perfect match, right? Besides, by getting involved in the office, I get the latest information on what’s going on, resources, services, etc. In fact, this morning I was even able to correct a couple of outdated resources!

So yeah, I’m feeling pretty good about myself.

And I’m going to reconnect with the trans* community as well. There’s a weekly social meeting every Thursday, and I’ll be going to those. Well, except for tonight: a prior engagement conflicts. But definitely the annual planning meeting this Saturday, and then the Thursday nights when I can.

Who knows? I’ll be making new contacts and maybe that will lead to other opportunities for service.