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Happy Father’s Day?

Posted: 18th June 2017 by Robyn Jane in LGBT, Love, Transgender
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Today is Father’s Day, with all of the commercial hoopla that usually accompanies American holidays. Love your father? Prove it by spending money. Publish your advertising saying “Happy Father’s Day! Come spend money with us!” Here’s the thing: for many of us, there is no “happy” in Father’s Day. I lost my father when he […]


Posted: 3rd March 2016 by Robyn Jane in death, family, memories

Every Death Is Different My parents died 32 years apart, and I’m finding it interesting how different their deaths are. Or, to be accurate, how different my reactions are. Because they’re truly different. I’m sure most of the differences lie in the fact that I’m not the person I was three decades ago. Then, I […]