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Microsoft OneNote, Redux

Posted: 17th August 2015 by Robyn Jane in blogging tools, Software
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Okay, I admit it: I’m a program hoarder. Back in the CP/M heyday, I had over a hundred disks with software on them. To be fair, these were only 390Kb disks, but still. In the end, I donated them to my local public library. But I still look for new, different, and exciting software. The […]

Microsoft OneNote

Posted: 15th August 2015 by Robyn Jane in Blogging, blogging tools, Notes
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While I’m still not ready to forgive Microsoft for the bug-ridden operating system Windows 10 they have inflicted upon its unsuspecting users downloaded as a free upgrade, still I do have to give them credit for something they did right as part of the upgrade: along with links to MS Office 2013, they installed OneNote […]