Writing Hardware

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My Writing Toolbox

I have several devices—tools—that I write with. First and foremost is my iPhone 12. I use it to jot down notes and ideas, and sometimes even entire articles. It’s always with me, because I never know when an idea might pop into my head, and it’s easier than carrying a separate notepad.

Next is my iPad, though I don’t use it nearly so much as my iPhone. In fact, I rarely use it for writing at all.

I use Google Docs under Android on my Hewlett-Packard (HP) Chromebook. I use my HP second only to my iPhone. It’s quicker than my Windows laptop. Also, I don’t get interrupted by email notifications, text messages, and the like.

The Windows laptop, my trusty Lenovo, is my main workhorse. It’s where I prepare everything for publication: adding photos and other graphics, inserting links—everything that needs to be done to make sure it’s all “shipshape and Bristol fashion.”

Finally, my AlphaSmart Neo. I used to use it almost entirely, since it promised uninterrupted writing, as it didn’t connect to the Internet. No email, no texts, and if I kept my iPhone face-down and silenced, no interruptions there, either. I’d simply connect a printer cable to the Neo and the other end to the laptop, and transfer files that way.

Since I got the Chromebook, though, the Neo’s been relegated to collecting dust.