Dear WordPress Author

I started to read your latest offering this afternoon. Sadly, I was unable to finish it. You see, you had written the entire article in italics.

What’s up with that, girlfriend? Aren’t things like italics, boldface, and underlining reserved for adding emphasis? Or for citing works in a table of references?

Another writer–whom I follow–always adds arbitrary–em dashes–to her writing. I’ve learned to ignore them because her posts always make sense and make valid points.

But having to read everything in italics is as DISCONCERTING AS HAVING TO READ EVERYTHING IN CAPS.

How do you What do you do when you want to convey anger? Or emphasize something? Sadly, because I refuse to read ANYTHING written in ALL CAPS, BOLDFACE, OR ITALICS, I didn’t bother to read your article. I did, however, scroll to the bottom to see if you eventually noticed you were using italics for the whole article, but when I realized THAT’S WHAT YOU WERE DOING, I simply said “Screw it,” and moved on.

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