Following on Medium vs. Following on Facebook

My biggest problem with Medium is simple: almost every article I read gives me a new author to follow. And the more writers I follow, the further my horizons expand. It’s almost an information overload by design. But that’s okay; I’m retired and I have the time to read and reply.

Facebook is quite different. I constantly have to fend off “friend” requests from total strangers – mostly men – who, had they taken the trouble to read my profile, would know that I don’t accept friend request from men I don’t know.

Or the constant invitations I get to play this or that mindless game designed to get me to spend money and/or invite other people to play what has long since morphed into yet another digital pyramid scheme.

Comparing Medium and Facebook isn’t a simple matter of apples vs. oranges. It’s more like fruits and vegetables. Or, to further mix metaphors, Facebook is fruit where Medium is meat & potatoes.

Fruit is sweet and tasty, but the fructose buzz dies off quickly. Meat & potatoes, along with a side salad or a couple of vegetables, can nourish one and sustain life. It comes down to sugary cereal and whole milk vs. a regular sausage-and-mash fry-up.

And yet…

There are times when I want the candy. There are times – few and far between though they are – when I want that Coke from the McDonald’s drive-thru.

Facebook is fun. Medium takes an effort. But Facebook has trolls where Medium at least has moderators.

Robyn Jane

Former two-year-old who stll wishes she could get her own way by throwing temper tantrums, Robyn lives with her demons and dragons in the urban wilderness known as Rochester, NY. She seeks to maintain her grip on reality by blogging as therapy.

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