The Trouble With Loose Leaf Tea

No, I’m not talking about loose leaf in the terms of notebooks; rather I’m referring to my favorite way of brewing tea.

When I woke up this morning, it was 1℉/-17℃ outside. Which meant I was in a hurry for my first cuppa, which in turn meant I wasn’t going to take the time to brew a fresh pot using loose tea. Instead, I cut the brewing time in half by using a couple of tea bags.

And that, my friends, was a mistake!

It turns out that the past few weeks of brewing each cup of tea with my Primula Classic Tea Maker using loose Assam leaves have spoiled me. As a result, this morning’s cup was weak and insipid. It reminded me of the weak teas usually served in restaurants and, sadly, even some places that bill themselves as “tea houses.”

So Here’s My Plan

I’m going to try it again with the same brand of tea bags. But this time, I’m going to steep them for the 8 minutes I usually use with loose leaves.

I’ll let you know later how things worked out.

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