My New Glucose Meter!

I finally got my new glucose meter, and thereby hangs a tale.

My doctor actually wrote the prescription about 4 months ago, but I waited a whole month before I went in to her office and picked them up. I was going to get the meter and everything else I needed from the pharmacy next door, which is where I usually fill my prescriptions, but something held me back. I remembered seeing an advertisement on the Internet about qualifying for a free test meter.

A 10-minute search yielded results (thank you, Google), and after another 10 minutes, I had filled out the form and submitted it.

A week later I received an email telling me that I qualified for a free meter (more on that later). All I had to do was print out the email attachment and present it (along with my prescription) to the pharmacist.

The First Delay

Well, that was fine with me. Unfortunately, I don’t have a printer. My landlord, Ed, has one, but it was out of operation. Ultimately, it took me 3 months before I was  able to print out the attachment.

Finally, I got to the pharmacy and handed in the prescription, only to be told that while they didn’t have it in stock, I could pick it up the following day after 11:30 am.

Which didn’t happen. I’d handed in the prescription too late for it to make that day’s out-basket. So it was another delay.

I skipped the next day, figuring (1) I’d give them an extra day and (2) I’d call before going in to pick it up.

Which is what I did this morning.

I Give Up

This morning I called the pharmacy to check on the meter. YAY! It was there! So I grabbed the free glucose meter coupon and went into the pharmacy. I collected the meter, and when I handed the coupon to the clerk, she said, “Oh, all of your diabetic supplies are covered by your Medicare Part B, so there’s no co-pay.”

And to think that I could have been doing my tests for the past three months!

One Final Disappointment

I had asked for the Verio OneTouch Verio Flex meter, but they gave me the OneTouch Verio meter—which I didn’t discover until I got home. And I am too exhausted to go through any more delays. The main difference between the two units is that the Flex has the capability of sending my test results and all related data to my iPhone. Maybe in a few months, I’ll try this again, but for now, I’m a Happy Camper.

The Truth About Free Meters

For those of us blessed (or cursed, depending) by Medicare Part B, your diabetes supplies—including test meters, lancets, and test strips—are ALWAYS free.

And for the rest of you, allow me to recommend the Verio Onetouch system.

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