Finally, the Password!

I moved into my new room on Saturday. Today, by calling on my all-but-forgotten networking knowledge from former jobs, I was able to discover the WiFi password for the house. (Yes, I had already got permission from my landlord/roommate.)

So I’m all set on my iPad and iPhone; still looking for a desk or table for my laptop. Until then, I’ll use my iPad for my blogs. And while it does a wonderful job, it’s not a replacement for a computer. At least this generation iPad isn’t.

Staceys iPad Pro, however, comes pretty close. At least it will do everything she needs to do, so I guess that does make it a replacement for her broken Macbook.

Writing – or rather typing – on the iPad is slower than on a laptop. But I think that’s a plus, in that I truly have to think about every word I use. I haven’t mastered the art of typing with two thumbs (not that I’ve even tried), and so I use one hand to hold the iPad and the index finger of the other to type. Slow going, but my SwiftKey predictive keyboard helps considerably.

 So that’s today’s news. Now I think I’ll treat myself to a nap!


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