Gee, But It’s Great to Be Back Home!

When my train pulled into the Rochester station, Stacey was waiting for me in the parking lot. I was so happy, I could have cried…except I was too exhausted to do much of anything but load my bags into the car and collapse into the front seat.

Getting home was almost impossible: all of the streets in our neighborhood were blocked off for the Labor Day parade. After a 10-minute wait which involved a discussion with a policeman and several radio calls to his superior, we finally were allowed to drive down OUR OWN STREET to get back to the apartment. A sincere thank you for helping us, RPD; you’re the best!

I spent Monday and Tuesday nights sleeping on the floor. Yes, Staceys apartment really is that small! Yesterday, I bought a high-quality inflatable bed. Because of the way the apartment is laid out, I sleep in the kitchen, and lean the bed against the wall in the narrow hall. Not too sure how that’s going to work.

The plan is (providing we don’t get on each other’s nerves) for me to stay with Stacey in order to save money so we can get back to Seattle that much quicker.

A Minor Snag

Stacey lost her cell phone sometime on Saturday. To make a long story short, it turned out that it was cheaper to switch to Verizon and get a new iPhone 6 Plus for each of us than it was to pay the insurance deductible and replace her lost phone. 

And we got to keep the same phone number!

The Next Steps

  1. I have to rent a Post Office box.  
  2. Reconnect with the vendor for my CPAPconsumables.
  3. Buy rain and snow protectant for my new shoes. After 2 years of daily wear, my last pair has gone to The Great Shoe Store in The Sky.
  4. Pick up my meds, because it wouldn’t be pretty if Robyn lost her shit.
  5. Reconnect with GAGV and the Gay Alliance, both of which fall under the heading of “Family of Choice.”
  6. Discuss with Stacey the feasibility of my getting a bicycle so I can go places when she’s not available to take me.
  7. Install the Rochester Transit app on my new iPhone so I’ll have access to the bus schedules.
  8. Finally, stop and catch my breath!
  9. Give serious consideration to becoming a complete vegetarian…which will mean eating a lot of Indian (India Indian) food, which is one of our favorites anyway.
  10. Take a shower so I can be, in the words of an old TV commercial, “nice to be near.”
And that’s pretty much it, kittens. My iPad and iPhone each have full charges, so I’m ready to face the day!
Robyn Jane

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