Well, It Was a Noble Effort


Seattle Space Needle

I tried. Chalk it up to bad timing and selective amnesia. As I mentioned in an earlier post, Washington landlords are allowed to charge up to three times the monthly rent to let you move into an apartment or a house. That came to $2400 for the cheapest place I could find.

I had forgotten this when I moved here from Rochester.

After trying various options, Stacey and I decided that the best thing for us is for me to go back to Rochester (where I could find a cheaper room to rent) until I could save enough money to move us both out west.

I’ve bought my train ticket and will be heading back east on Friday. Although Stacey’s apartment is tiny, she said I can stay with her until I find a place—which shouldn’t take too long (*fingers crossed*).

I’m trying to look on the bright side: at least I got to meet the grandchildren I hadn’t known before, and I spent some time with my daughters. Ate some fantastic Korean barbecue, as well as some good Thai chicken curry. Wasn’t able to find a Seattle hot dog, though; but I got the recipe! (The jalapeños are optional.)

seattle dog2

The Famous Seattle Hot Dog

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