Cloud Computing, 2

But There Are Benefits, Too!

In my last post, I made Cloud Computing (CC) sound like the spawn of Satan. In many ways it is just that. But CC has its advantages, too–much as I hate to admit it.

The best example I can think of is writing. I have five different devices I use to write. Not all the writing programs I use are available on all of those devices. But all of them are capable of formatting a story as plain vanilla tex, which is available on all of them. The key to this is the Cloud: I can upload a file from my Chromebook to Dropbox or Google Drive and access it on my Windows machine, my iPhone, or my iPad.

Better yet, I can do all my writing in, say, Google Docs, which, since it’s cloud-based, is available from all my devices–and it works the same way on all of them.

WordPress works pretty much the same way, and I have it on all of my toys as well. While it doesn’t work exactly the same on all platforms, the differences were easy for me to figure out. For example, when I create a new post on my Chromebook, it automatically defaults to the Block Editor. However, I’m an old-fashioned kinda gal, and I prefer the Classic Editor–which is what it defults to under Windows. It’s no big deal, but when I’m on my Chromebook, I simply have to flick a switch to go to the Classic Editor.

An added benefit to most cloud-based writing programs is that they automatically save my work every time I pause in my typing, ensuring that I won’t lose my work if my system crashes. And right now, I’ve paused to look out the window at the falling snow, secure in the knowledge that WordPress is automatically saving my work.

You see, I’m writing this entry in the WordPress app on my Chromebook…which also lives on my Windows laptop, my iPad, and my iPhone. I’ll write most of this entry on the Chromebook, then finish it on the Windows machine where I have most of my image manipulation software, and pick an imge to put at the top of this post. That’s what I did with yesterday’s entry.

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