To The Fly In My Cocoa: An Appreciation

You Ruined My Breakfast, But Inspired This Story

juan-pablo-mascanfroni-Yst3jGsUoXA-unsplashPhoto Credit: Juan Pablo Mascanfroni

God, in His wisdom, made the fly
And then forgot to tell us why. — Ogden Nash

There you sat, with two of your friends, on the rim of my cup. I shooed you away but as your buddies left, you nosedived into my drink.

I will admit that there was a time when I would have simply fished you out and continued drinking. But that was many decades ago and now that I’m older—and, I hope—wiser, I merely sighed, took my cup to the kitchen, and poured you down the drain.

Such a waste: the coffee, the hot cocoa powder, the cinnamon, the creamer—all of it wasted. Not to mention the time lost forever.

There are things I do that I know I shouldn’t, things that are bad for my health. I consume far too many sweets. I smoke cigarettes. I don’t get enough exercise.

But I draw the line at drinking fly germs. That’s why I reheated the water to boiling before using it to wash my cup, and why I used more of the same boiling water to brew a fresh cup of hot cocoa.

I’m sorry you had to lose your life, but I am sorrier still that you ruined my morning routine.

On the other hand, I did get a story out of it.

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