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Dark Days Ahead

Posted: 19th November 2017 by Robyn Jane in depression, trigger warning
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This week begins my annual decent into darkness. It generally starts around Thanksgiving and stays until after Valentine’s Day. So if I don’t post as often as I would like, that’s why. Thanksgiving, because I’m reminded that I’m alone. My children and grandchildren are on the opposite side of the country, and while my wife […]

My New Glucose Meter!

Posted: 17th November 2017 by Robyn Jane in Diabetes Care, Diabetes Monitoring

I finally got my new glucose meter, and thereby hangs a tale. My doctor actually wrote the prescription about 4 months ago, but I waited a whole month before I went in to her office and picked them up. I was going to get the meter and everything else I needed from the pharmacy next […]

You Say You Want a Revolution?

Posted: 6th November 2017 by Robyn Jane in hypocrisy, justice, LGBTQ rights, rants
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Reading the November 2017 issue of The Empty Closet caused—as it usually does—me to experience mixed emotions. Joy, because of the stories about adoption and other loving family issues, and fear because my own government refuses to recognize my right to even exist . Having grown up in the ‘50s and ‘60s, I bought into […]

YANWT: Yet Another New Writing Tool

Posted: 4th November 2017 by Robyn Jane in Blogging, blogging tools, Software, writing tools

What can I say about Bear? Yes, it’s a writing app. Yes, it’s specifically for Mac OS and iOS devices. Yes, it’s free. And yes, I bought it. Wait! WTF, Robyn? It’s free and you bought it? Well, yes. That’s how apps are marketed, right? The basic app is free, but if you want all […]