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Collections and Hoardings

Posted: 31st January 2016 by Robyn Jane in cooking, Recipes
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I’m a collector. It’s a habit I developed rather late in life, when I was in my early 30s. That’s when I got my first personal computer and discovered the world of public domain software. And in those early days of the computer revolution, with the exception of a few big-name, brand-name programs, that’s pretty […]

Best Bread Machine Bread. Really, No Lie!

Posted: 25th January 2016 by Robyn Jane in baking, bread

Let’s be honest here, okay? What’s your reaction when you see a recipe for anything that has the word Best in the title? Personally, I’ve seen far too recipes labeled with that word for me to fell anything but jaded. “Yeah, right.” I say to myself. “Here we go again.” Then I generally yawn and […]

I’ve been using Open Live Writer (OLW) for 10 days now, and I’m sold on it. Well, not really sold sold, because it’s free, and that’s free as in free beer. It’s also free as in you’re free to modify it however you like. I still have Windows Live Writer (WLW) on my machine, for […]

NOTE: This is a long post written and published anonymously. While I share many of the sentiments expressed here, they are not all an accurate representation of my beliefs. I am posting this simply as an educational effort. Perhaps, after reading it in its entirety, you may have a beter understanding of why so many […]

I used to think that it was axiomatic that striving for equality meant equality for everyone. Lately I’ve been shown how wrong I was in my thinking. • ITEM: The Human Rights Campaign (HRC) has just endorsed Hillary Clinton for president. The frightening thing about this is that the Human Rights Campaign has never represented […]