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I Know, I Know, I Know!

Yes, I’ve been a bad girl! But let me explain.

The weeks between Thanksgiving and the new year are hard for me, as I am sure they are for many of you. My mother’s birthday is the first of December, and the twelfth marks the day we lost her to cancer.

And this year marks the year that she has been out of my life longer than she was in it.

So that, along with a few other reasons, makes it particularly hard for me at this time of the year. I say particularly because of my life-long depression.

Okay. That’s it. No more sadness!


Positive thoughts from here on! For example, if you’re like me, and drink your coffee with milk or creamer, you might like to know how wonderful it tastes if you replace the milk or creamer with eggnog. I rarely drink eggnog myself, and when I do, I cut it 50-50 with milk. But I found a new recipe for cranberry-eggnog bread, so I bought a quart of it to make the bread. And that’s the thing about dairy products, isn’t it? You have to use them or they’ll go bad.

So today’s first cup of coffee has eggnog in it. Not bad. I could get to prefer it, in fact.

But they don’t sell eggnog year round, and that’s probably a Good Thing™, when you consider that it has 360 calories in a cup. Besides, if by some chance I should develop a craving for eggnog in my coffee in, say, June (maybe to celebrate my birthday?) there are plenty of recipes on the Internet for making it…

…just be sure to use one that calls for cooking the eggs and cream, because salmonella. That little bitch bug can ruin your whole day!

Christmas and Political Correctness

I know a lot of people complain each year about a so-called War on Christmas; for the record, I will state right here and now that there is no such thing. There are at least 29 religious holidays celebrated by 7 different religions around the world, and each of those religions is practiced by a substantial percentage of Americans.

So for me, rather than having to remember the names and dates of each and every one of those 29 holidays, if I wish you anything, I’m going to wish you either Happy Holidays or Season’s Greetings.

I’m not dissing your religion; I’m merely trying not to offend. And if either of those greetings does offend you, you might want to take the time to review the most basic tenets of your faith, one of which I am sure tells you to love everyone. And it probably wouldn’t hurt to remember that the very word holiday is a corruption of holy day, and remember the original meaning of whatever holy day you are celebrating.

In the meantime, happy holidays and season’s greetings.