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Dying By Inches

Posted: 30th March 2015 by Robyn Jane in depression, mental health

To me, one of the worst things about chronic depression is how it robs me of my desire to do anything in general, and writing in particular. And nothing demonstrates this better than the fact that my last post was on March 11. And here it’s March 30 already. No, the depression hasn’t lifted; it’s […]

Parsley, Sage, Rosemary and Thyme

Posted: 11th March 2015 by Robyn Jane in Uncategorized

Well, Rosemary and Thyme, anyway. Specifically, Rosemary Boxer and Laura Thyme, the two women I’ve fallen in love with over the past couple of weeks of watching “Rosemary &  Thyme” on Netflix. Rosemary is a plant pathologist, and Laura is a former police officer. Together they operate a gardening-cum-landscaping business in England, and as seems […]

Dear Blog Spammers

Posted: 9th March 2015 by Robyn Jane in Blogging, rants
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Dear Blog Spammers, You know who you are. The ones who keep posting advertisements for your services, thinly disguised as “comments.” You promise me riches beyond my wildest imaginations, and everlasting fame. You know what? My imaginations are pretty damn wild, and none of them include you. Fame? I’m not looking for it, and that’s […]

Scrivener Redux

Posted: 2nd March 2015 by Robyn Jane in Blogging, Blogging Tools, Writing, Writing Tools

Sorry about the delay between blog updates; I’ve been busy writing. That doesn’t make sense does it? Well, if you read my previous post about 750Words, it should start to clear up. 750Words has been a boon to my novel and story writing, albeit at the expense of blogging. I’ve been so obsessed with getting […]