Growing Up and Getting Old Ain’t Necessarily the Same

There are some days when I wake up and my inner 19-year-old is in charge. I feel great, full of energy, and ready to take on the world. Today isn’t one of those days. Today I woke up feeling the weight of every one of my 68 and a half years. It’s cold and overcast, … Read more

The Whitehouse, Washington, D.C.

My friend Kim McKinstry posted the following email she received Monday: Dear Kimberly: Thank you for writing, and for your service to our country. Throughout our history, generations of Americans have brought us closer to fulfilling the ideals at the heart of our Nation’s founding—that all of us are equal, and that all of us … Read more

For Arianna, On Being A Role Model

(I wrote this in response to a question on Facebook) Dear Sister, For sisters we truly are. And as the “big sister,” I’m going to exercise my prerogative and sit you down for a lecture. No, not really! I am, however, going to share some insights I’ve gained over the years. You’re free, of course, … Read more

Passing is for Quarterbacks

This morning on Facebook I posted this in response to a young person’s question about HRT (Hormone Replacement Therapy). Here’s her original question (I’ve redacted her name for privacy): Hi I am (name deleted) and am (age). I am AMAB and have been living as MTF for the last year, and have been on hormones … Read more