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YANWT: Yet Another New Writing Tool

Posted: 4th November 2017 by Robyn Jane in Blogging, blogging tools, Software, writing tools

What can I say about Bear? Yes, it’s a writing app. Yes, it’s specifically for Mac OS and iOS devices. Yes, it’s free. And yes, I bought it. Wait! WTF, Robyn? It’s free and you bought it? Well, yes. That’s how apps are marketed, right? The basic app is free, but if you want all […]

Scrivener On The iPad

Posted: 22nd July 2016 by Robyn Jane in blogging tools, scrivener, writing tools
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Literature and Latte have just released the iOS version of Scrivener. I’ve touted the wonders of Scrivener elsewhere (here and here), and while I still use it extensively, I no longer use 750 Words. I still think it’s a valuable service, but I’ve moved all of my writing to Scrivener. I use Jarte for quick […]

Microsoft OneNote, Redux

Posted: 17th August 2015 by Robyn Jane in blogging tools, Software
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Okay, I admit it: I’m a program hoarder. Back in the CP/M heyday, I had over a hundred disks with software on them. To be fair, these were only 390Kb disks, but still. In the end, I donated them to my local public library. But I still look for new, different, and exciting software. The […]

Microsoft OneNote

Posted: 15th August 2015 by Robyn Jane in Blogging, blogging tools, Notes
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While I’m still not ready to forgive Microsoft for the bug-ridden operating system Windows 10 they have inflicted upon its unsuspecting users downloaded as a free upgrade, still I do have to give them credit for something they did right as part of the upgrade: along with links to MS Office 2013, they installed OneNote […]

Excellent News!

Posted: 26th April 2015 by Robyn Jane in Blogging, blogging tools

Yeah, I know I promised a new recipe, but something much more crucial has come up: BlogPad Pro has been fixed! Some history: a couple of weeks ago, Apple released an update (8.3) to its iOS. For me, this had the immediate effect of breaking BlogPad Pro which, if you’ve been following this blog, you’ll […]