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Dark Days Ahead

Posted: 19th November 2017 by Robyn Jane in depression, trigger warning
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This week begins my annual decent into darkness. It generally starts around Thanksgiving and stays until after Valentine’s Day. So if I don’t post as often as I would like, that’s why. Thanksgiving, because I’m reminded that I’m alone. My children and grandchildren are on the opposite side of the country, and while my wife […]

Knockin’ on heaven’s door

Posted: 21st May 2016 by Robyn Jane in epitaph, memories, suicide, trigger warning

Mama, take this badge off of meI can’t use it anymore.It’s gettin’ dark, too dark to seeI feel I’m knockin’ on heaven’s door.”Knockin’ On Heaven’s Door,” Bob Dylan I first heard that song in 1973, when I was saw the movie “Pat Garrett and Billy The Kid.” It was a simple tune, and quite easy […]